I must get better with age 🙂

This week marked my 4th sanctioned 300 game bowled.  The 11th frame, I was nervous a bit, and yanked the hell out of the throw and it went Brooklyn for the strike.  I then took another deep breathe and nailed the 12th one like no ones business.

The second game was amazing, not for the game itself, but how it went down.  7 out of 12 strikes for a whopping 192.  I know I’ve never had as many strikes in a single game and didn’t break the 200 mark.  2 Splits, killed me.

So the third game should have been another 300, but finished with a 269.  Series final, 761.  Missed the 800 series too 🙁

Of my 40 years on this earth, the last 6 have produced all the sanctioned 300’s along with my lone 800.  Wine-Bowling

By mr715

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