Who Is Mr715?

Well all the credit goes to my best friend in High School and College, Mr. “Flyin” Brian Dixon. It started in 1991, when during our annual trip to the Florida State Bowling tournament, I had bowled my best 3 game series of all time, up until that day.

Yup you guessed it, a 715 3-game series. And with it being at a state tournament that made it that much more special. On the way home from the tournament weekend, Mr. Dixon decided to call me Mr715. And since it kinda rolled off our tongues and was easy to say, we began to like the new nickname.

What really made the nickname stick was a few months later, when all of the tournament scores were finally in and counted, it turns out that I had finished first in the state of Florida for the All-Events category. Meaning all of my scores from the Singles Event, to the Doubles Event, to the Team Event; a combination of all three rounds, had won me 1st Place for my division during that year.

And ever since, the name has grown into my existence. Everything from Personalized License Plates to Wall Clocks with “Mr715” on them. Geeky? Yes, but if you ever see Mr715 on the net or around town, there’s a 99% chance that it’s me.

My ACUI Tournament Story, coming soon 🙂

1993 ACUI Championships

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