After 10 years of trying, and 18 years of using this name, I have finally got the domain that I have been clamoring for…! I have no idea where I initially heard the name, or who started it, but back when Fantasy Football was in its infancy I started calling my FF Team Names the MotorCity Kitties.

About 10 years ago i thought about registering the domain name, but decided against it, because I thought it was silly. Then about 4 months later, I started thinking, hell why not just register it? It was a persona i used online, like a few others I use; and I had registered their domain names… and the one and only Well when I went to register it, boo, it was already gone. Boy was I pissed at myself… I thought I’d never get that domain.

So as Peter Griffin said, “it’s time to play the waiting game!” And wait I did. I would check every year or so, then every few years… and the owner didn’t do anything with it, so I was gonna be outta luck. Well that luck finally came thru. Out of the blue something made me try going to the site, and guess what, it didn’t go to a “Parked” domain site. It just went to a DNS could not find it error page. So I ran over to GoDaddy, and did my usual WHOIS search and low and behold it said it was available. Well kiss me and call me Daddy, I finally got it. Now what to do with it? 🙂

By mr715

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