I don’t think it will be broken by me in my lifetime now, with the latest 858 thrown down at Astro Lanes last night by yours truly.  The games were 300-279-279.  The ball used was an AMF Xcite (Bright Pink in Color).  The 2 misses (ok, actually 3, but it was the 12th frame of the last game) were all misses on my part as I had brain farts and missed my mark each time.  When I mean misses, I mean not a Strike.  I was 33 out of 36 on the amount of strikes thrown.

The 300 was not as nerve-racking as the ones in the past.  I felt the nerves on the 11th frame shot, but that was about it.  I believe this was my 5th Sanctioned 300, and 8th total in my career.  With all 5 Sanctioned ones happening the last 6 years, go figure..


 Game 1-858 Game 2-858 Game 3-858 Total-858

By mr715

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