Well, 33 years in the making, and the most attainable pinnacle of bowling achievements has finally been tackled.  The 800 is now history.  10/2/2012.

The games went like this:

7/ X X X X X X X X X X X for 290 game (11 in a row award)

9/ X 9/ X X 9/ X X X X X X for a 249 game (This game should have been a 300, all ten pins)

9/ X X X 7/ X X X X X X X for a 267 game (Boy was I nervous that 10th frame)

Total : 806

Now that the 300 is done (times 2), and the 800 is out of the way, there isn’t much left personally for me to get.  Yes the 900 series is always out there, but that is just a carrot dangling out there.  I guess to average 230+ for an entire season is the next goal.

Ya me, finally 🙂


By mr715

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