Da Kitties

After 10 years of trying, and 18 years of using this name, I have finally got the domain that I have been clamoring for… MotorCityKitties.com! I have no idea where I initially heard the name, or who started it, but back when Fantasy Football was in its infancy I started calling my FF Team Names the MotorCity Kitties.

About 10 years ago i thought about registering the domain name, but decided against it, because I thought it was silly. Then about 4 months later, I started thinking, hell why not just register it? It was a persona i used online, like a few others I use; and I had registered their domain names… Redwinger.com and the one and only Mr715.com. Well when I went to register it, boo, it was already gone. Boy was I pissed at myself… I thought I’d never get that domain.

So as Peter Griffin said, “it’s time to play the waiting game!” And wait I did. I would check every year or so, then every few years… and the owner didn’t do anything with it, so I was gonna be outta luck. Well that luck finally came thru. Out of the blue something made me try going to the site, and guess what, it didn’t go to a “Parked” domain site. It just went to a DNS could not find it error page. So I ran over to GoDaddy, and did my usual WHOIS search and low and behold it said it was available. Well kiss me and call me Daddy, I finally got it. Now what to do with it? 🙂

WeatherFlow Station

I backed a Weather Monitoring Device on Kickstarter and here it is installed at the house.


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300 Part 5

I still can’t believe that I get nervous when shooting for a 300.  I believe this is my 5th sanctioned 300 in league or tournament play.  (I’ve had a few in practice.)  But after the 10th strike, I got nervous on the 11th one, and REAL nervous on the 12th one.  In which I pulled the crap outta of it, and crossed over for a Brooklyn strike for the 12th X.

Bad Video too 🙂 – https://www.facebook.com/mr715/videos/10156819663454309/


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Basketball 2018

The boys received a Basketball Hoop from Mimi and Papa, and here is my favorite shot of both of them playing together.

Jump Shots from Both Boys

Digger Krause

My page dedicated to Dad.  DiggerKrause.com


Love ya Dad.

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Newest Addition – Fletch

I loved this movie growing up.

Just purchased this card off of eBay:

Chevy Chase - Fletch

Chevy Chase – Fletch

Paid more than what I really wanted to, but I just sold my Nolan Ryan Autographed Mini bat, that I had two of, and used the funds to pick me up this ‘beaut.

“Hes 6-5, with the afro 6-9. 4 Million dollars a year sure..but he’s worth every penny. Fletch, he defines grace under pressure”

Jason Krause / Kid Rock Autos

The kids wanted to get an auto of their second cousin in Twisted Brown Trucker, alongside Kid Rock.  Well, Jason was very gracious to sign them for the kids and also get Kid Rock to sign it as well.  Thanks a ton Jason!  The kids loved adding these to our celebrity autograph wall.  Actually Zach wouldn’t allow us to add to our wall, he wanted it hung up in his room 🙂  Nick was more accommodating.

Jason Krause / Kid Rock

Jason Krause / Kid Rock

My New Favorite Song

Reminds me of Michigan, I miss it sometimes.  Especially the summertime’s.

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Is It Time For Mr858.com?

I don’t think it will be broken by me in my lifetime now, with the latest 858 thrown down at Astro Lanes last night by yours truly.  The games were 300-279-279.  The ball used was an AMF Xcite (Bright Pink in Color).  The 2 misses (ok, actually 3, but it was the 12th frame of the last game) were all misses on my part as I had brain farts and missed my mark each time.  When I mean misses, I mean not a Strike.  I was 33 out of 36 on the amount of strikes thrown.

The 300 was not as nerve-racking as the ones in the past.  I felt the nerves on the 11th frame shot, but that was about it.  I believe this was my 5th Sanctioned 300, and 8th total in my career.  With all 5 Sanctioned ones happening the last 6 years, go figure..


 Game 1-858 Game 2-858 Game 3-858 Total-858

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Like a fine wine…

I must get better with age 🙂

This week marked my 4th sanctioned 300 game bowled.  The 11th frame, I was nervous a bit, and yanked the hell out of the throw and it went Brooklyn for the strike.  I then took another deep breathe and nailed the 12th one like no ones business.

The second game was amazing, not for the game itself, but how it went down.  7 out of 12 strikes for a whopping 192.  I know I’ve never had as many strikes in a single game and didn’t break the 200 mark.  2 Splits, killed me.

So the third game should have been another 300, but finished with a 269.  Series final, 761.  Missed the 800 series too 🙁

Of my 40 years on this earth, the last 6 have produced all the sanctioned 300’s along with my lone 800.  Wine-Bowling

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