Company Website Notes
1st Graded
AAA Screw down cases
Ace Grading Pokemon Grading
ACU-CARD Inc ???
All Star Grading ??? Screw down cases
All-Star Grading Co ???
ASA (Accugrade Sportscard Authentication)
ASGA (All Star Grading & Authentication)
Authentic Enterprises Inc. Rollie Fingers Backed
BCCG (Beckett Collectors Club Grading)
BCG (Best Card Grading) ???
BGS (Beckett Grading Service)
Blue-Chip Sports Co. ???
BRG (Best Rate Grading) ??? Screw down cases
BSGS (Bearstats Grading Services)
BSVA Screw down cases
BVG (Beckett Vintage Grading)
Capitol Grading ???
CCS (Card Collector Services) Collection Monster?
CEX (Certified Express)
CG (Collectors Grade LLC)
CGA (Card Grading Australia)
CGS (Champs Grading Service) ???
CLG Screw down cases
Compugrade ??? Company Went Under
CPG (Certified Pro Grading) ??? Can't find Proof
CSA (Certified Sports Authentication) ??? Company Went Under / Oldest Grading Company
CSC (Chamber Sports Card Graded) ??? Screw down cases
CSG (Certified Sports Guaranty)
CTA (CTA Grading Experts)
DCS (Dallas Card Show)
DGA (Diamond Grading & Authentication)
DSG (Diamond Service Grading) Formerly BSG (Best Service Grading)
ECG (Elite Card Grading)
ECG (Elite Card Grading) 2
European Grading
FCG (Forensic Card Grading)
FGA (Foremost Grading Authority) ??? Company Went Under
FGS (Finest Grading Service)
GAI (Global Authentication Inc.) (Global Authority)
GEM (GEM Elite) (Gem Grading Inc.)
GMA Grading
Golden Grading
GRA (Graded Rookies Authenticated) ??? Screw down cases
Grading Unlimited ???
HGA (Historic Grading & Authentication)
HGA (Hybrid Grading Approach)
IGX ???
IKON ??? Screw down cases
ISA (Sports Authentication)
KSA (Kressler Sports Authentication)
MAP Screw down cases
MGC (Majesty Grading Company)
MGS (Masters Grading Services) ??? Company Went Under
MGS (Mint Grading Service) Company Went Under
MNT Canadian Grader
NASA (North American Sportscard Authentication) Screw down cases
PCCG (Pro's Choice Card Graders) ??? Company Went Under
PCG (Pocket Card Grading)
PCG (Professional Card Graders) Company Went Under
PGA (Professional Grading Authority) ??? Maybe still grading?
PGC (Premier Grading Company)
PGC (Pro Grade Certified) Company Went Under
PGI (Pristine Grading International)
PGS (Professional Grading Service) Redirects to
Philly Sports Shop
PRE-Grading Service (uses screwdowns) ??? Can't find Proof
Prime Sports Grading ??? Company Went Under
PRO (Pro Sports Grading) Trimmed Cards Being Graded :(
PRO Choice Grading ??? Screw down cases
PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator)
PSG (Premium Sports Grading) ??? Premium
PSG (Pristine Sportscard Grading) ??? Can't find Proof
PTG Grading Service ???
Pure Graded X Carsyn Cruz
RCG (Revolution Card Grading)
RGA (Retro Grading Authentication)
SBC (Superlative Baseball Card Certification) ??? One of the Original Grading Companies
SCD (Sports Cards Direct) ???
SCD (Sports Collectors Digest)
SGC (Sportscard Guaranty)
SMA (Sports Memorabilia Authenticator) ???
Snaggle Tooth Company Went Under
SPA (Supreme Product Authentication) ???
SVCG (Southern Values Card Grading)
SWG (Sports World Grading)
TFA (The Final Authority)
TGA (The Grading Authority)
TGT (Transparent Grading Team)
USA (Ultimate Sportscard Authority) Company Went Under
Vault Authentics
Verisleeve Sticker on Card Saver
VGS ???
VSA (VS Autographs)
WCG (World Class Grading)